Lincoln Rock Lookout View of Jamison Valley Blue Mountains


Aka Honeymoon or Flat Rock Lookout


Famous flat rock ledge on gravel road offers views of the Blue Mountains. It is known for dramatic 300m drop and no fence. 

Lincoln Rock was named after local mountaineer Lincoln Hall. He lived in Wentworth Falls for two decades and died tragically from asbestos-related illness in 2012. Lincoln Hall had a will to live. He survived a night out near the summit of Mount Everest. But when he was a little boy, his dad made him a cubby house from a material containing asbestos. 

Lincoln Rock offers stunning views of Jamison Valley, it changes throughout the day. It offers a great photo opportunity (used on posts for Facebook or Instagram). Below the rock ledge, there is a cave. It is not fenced. Beware of the drop to the valley, vertigo and gusty Blue Mountains wind.

Lincoln rock lookout Blue Mountains woman hesitates to come to edgeTo get there, you need to use the unsealed road. The parking area is very near. You can park a couple of hundred metres away, so there is no strenuous walk involved. As a tourist, you are spending there only 20min. But if you have time, it is a great place to have a picnic. 

It is a part of Kings Tableland. The oldest Aboriginal site is located only a few minutes away. The tools were dated over 20.000 years old. In the shelter, you can find some rock art there, emu footprints notably. At times, locals can find rubbish and feel their peaceful relaxing spot is been taken over by tourist. All that is needed is respect. Please take your rubbish with you. No bins provided. 

Things to know:

  • Lincoln Rock is not a stop in the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus, hop on and hop off red double-decker bus commonly used for sightseeing around the Blue Mountains.
  • Buses/Coaches over 10m are not allowed
  • Getting there: From Tableland Rd, Wentworth Falls, turn right on Hordern Rd, then left on Little Switzerland Drive. The parking area is off to your right.
  • Parking: Parking available.

How to find it

Lincoln Rock Lookout sign near carpark
Lincoln Rock Lookout sign near carpark
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