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Climate-statistics-for-Katoomba BOM Bureau of Meteorology
Climate-statistics-for-Katoomba BOM Bureau of Meteorology

Weather and Climate

The Blue Mountains climate is cooler than in Sydney. The climate varies with elevation. There is generally a 2°C drop in temperature with every 300 metres increase in altitude. Summer months December to February are warmer, occasionally reaching 30 °C. Winter months June to August have mean maximum temperature of 10 °C. Overnight temperatures are falling most days. The highest rainfall is between January and March averaging 170mm of rainfall and 13 rainy days a month.

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Temperatures – How cold does it get?

At Katoomba, (1,010 m or 3,314 ft) the summer average maximum temperature is around 22 °C with an average of 4 days extending into the 30s (80s–90s °F). Night-time temperatures are usually in the teens but can drop at times. During winter, the temperature is typically around 10 to 12 °C in the daytime with −1 °C or so on clear nights and 3 to 4 °C on cloudy nights. In the lower parts of the Blue Mountains, the climate is warmer. The average temperature is 16°C in winter and 29°C in summer.

Does it snow in the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains has a similar rainfall to Sydney. The Upper Blue Mountains receives an average of around 1250mm per year. The area has cold temperatures in winter, however, snow falls only 3-5 days in a year. Soil is not frozen, so the snow melts.

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What should I wear?

In the summer, you can wear shorts or loose trousers, T-shirt and comfortable shoes. Also Spring and Autumn allow you to wear only shirt and loose trousers. In winter months, day temperatures reach 10-12 Celsius. We have to be careful with the cooler wind. Wind chill factor lowers perceived temperatures by 5-10 Celsius. Layering is recommended, there is no need for extremely warm clothes.

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