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Aboriginal Bush Tucker

More Than The Usual

Aboriginal bush tucker - selection of jams, chutneys, spices and dukkah

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Original Flavours

Experience Aboriginal fruit and spices that give twist to jams and chutneys - selection of wild rosella jam, lilly pilly jam, wild lime marmalade, bush tomato chutney, wild peach chutney, sea parsley, salt bush, pepperberry leaf, edible eucalyptus .

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Australian Superfoods

The fruit with highest vitamin C is kakadu plum used as food and medicine by Aboriginal communities in Northern Territory and Western Australia. Davidson plum has higher content of lutein than avocado. Another example of superfood is lemon myrtle.

supply nation

Support Aboriginal Community

Bush tucker is collected in the wild or some Aboriginal produce is farmed (there are even nurseries supplying those farms). Buying and promoting their products helps financially, but also providing with choice and support. Supply Nation has shaped the Indigenous business sector.