Blue Mountains Panorama showing Three Sisters and Lifting fog

Travel Guide to Blue Mountains Sydney

Travel Guide to the Blue Mountains provides you with in depth information on travel, how to get to the Blue Mountains, on activities it offers, covers best bush walks and lookouts, top things to do in the Blue Mountains. It does cover also accommodation, history, geology and native wildlife.


Best Blue Mountains Bush Walks & Hikes

Top 10 Blue Mountains Walks. Guide to Blue Mountains Bush Walking. The Blue Mountains offers over 140 km of walks and hikes. They range greatly. You can find easy less than 1 hour walk, more strenuous 1-day hike and even 3-day hike is possible, see the famous Six Foot Track

Weather and Climate statistics for BOM Katoomba

Blue Mountains Weather

Blue Mountains Weather and Climate. This is a comprehensive guide showing monthly averages ( temperatures and rainfall ) for Katoomba weather station. Data were collected by BOM. It also compares weather in upper part of the Blue Mountains to lower parts in Glenbrook area.

Lincoln Rock Lookout View of Jamison Valley Blue Mountains

Lincoln Rock Blue Mountains

Famous flat rock ledge on gravel road offers views of Jamison valley & Greater Blue Mountains. It is known for dramatic 300m drop and no fence.

sleeping wombat wildlife park

Blue Mountains Wildlife

The Blue Mountains has rich flora and fauna. It is especially great for bird watching. For mammals, like kangaroos and wallabies, wombats, it is easier to spot them in the lower parts near Glenbrook area. Find out more about the Blue Mountains wildlife